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Many of the GPs practising at a Better Medical clinic are experienced in reproductive health services, including antenatal shared care, and can refer you to a gynaecologist or obstetrician if required.


Gynaecology refers to the specialty of women’s reproductive organs, including the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infections and diseases of women’s reproductive organs. Whilst your trusted GP can complete a range of tests for gynaecological health, they can provide referrals when the advice of a gynaecologist is needed. If you are unsure whether to see a gynaecologist, we recommend you consult your GP first.


Alternatively, obstetrics is the specialisation in maternity care, such as pregnancy and birth. Obstetricians can also support antenatal shared care, pre and post-pregnancy.

Antenatal Shared Care

The pre and post-natal experience can require specialised care from gynaecologists and obstetricians, as well as your trusted general practitioner. Your doctor will be able to support you during pregnancy and refer you to more specialised care.

Natal care near me

If you are pregnant or looking for women's health support, contact your local Better Medical clinic to make an appointment with your GP.