Helping practices to be their best.

Better Medical fills a gap - a gap in the existing primary health care area between the community and large group approaches.

We passionately believe that primary care needs to be locally focused.

We understand that medical practices that have served and grown as part of a community have unique local knowledge, high levels of trust, an established identity, and skilled, devoted staff.

At Better Medical, we maintain those vital attributes with day-to-day management, rostering, patient engagement, expenditure, staffing, etc. all conducted on-site by the people who work there.

These local sites are then supported – but not driven by – centralised expertise to generate efficiencies and best practices. This support covers areas such as administration, payroll, marketing, human resources, property, and IT.

Freed of many administrative burdens, practitioners can focus on day-to-day delivery of high quality health care to their patients and communities. At the same time, the group as a whole benefits through improved clinical governance, the minimisation of business risks, and a specialist focus on business development and growth.