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Fresh, Modern and Inviting New Adelaide Hills, Mt Barker South Medical Centre, Loved by Patients

Starting in November 2017 Better Medical funded the renovation of the Adelaide Hills, Mt Barker South’s Medical Centre, which involved a re-vamp of the existing building.

The Medical Centre was already partway through a renovation to the front of the building and requested the support of Better Medical to complete the entire project.

“It was a long process but was managed very well from start to finish and resulted in a beautiful new space that is fresh and inviting for staff and our patients,” said Mt Barker South Receptionist Kathy Hussey.

“There was considerable juggling involved with Doctors moving from room to room, the kitchen being temporarily re-located and even the front door moved location several times but overall everyone had a great attitude and took it in their stride.

“We’re extremely proud of our brand-new Medical Centre and thankful to Better Medical for supporting it the project.”

The completed result of the re-vamped clinic included three new large consulting rooms, a large treatment room, Pathology, updated amenities and more parking for staff and patients.

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