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Travelling is an amazing opportunity which exposes you to a range of exciting new experiences. However, it can also expose you to various health risks and health conditions which are not common in Australia. With the development of modern medical science, you can ensure you are protected against these risks with the support of your trusted GP.

Do I need to see my doctor before travelling?

If you have planned to travel overseas, it is recommended you visit your GP one to two months before departing. By visiting your GP, they can advise any necessary vaccinations you may need to receive before travelling or medications that you might need to take with you. Your GP will base this advice off your medical history, the duration of your trip, the destination and season you are travelling.

In instances where you have planned a last minute trip, BetterMedical clinics can still consult with you about any medical risks or concerns as soon as possible.

Should I book a special appointment for travel advice?

It is recommended you contact your local clinic to book your travel medicine appointment and with your trusted GP. This can ensure they have any vaccine needed and a nurse on staff to administer it.

The cost of this appointment will depend upon the vaccine being administered. Some private health funds cover part of the vaccination charges depending on your private health cover.

Travel Medical Check Near Me

It is recommended you contact your BetterMedical travel clinics to make an appointment at your earliest convenience once you have booked your trip. It is also recommended you research about the countries you’re travelling to so that you are informed and prepared about any local health issues, laws and customs. A very helpful website is