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Many of our BetterMedical doctors are specialised in skin and cosmetic medicine. If you have concerns over the appearance of your skin, such as the presence of spots, lumps or moles, your trusted GP can most likely consult with you over these concerns.

Skin Checks

If you have noticed changes in the size, shape and colour of moles over your body, it is important to see you trusted GP for them to perform a skin check. In the Queensland climate, it is recommended skin checks are performed yearly even if you feel your skin is healthy. Regular checks can ensure your skin can be monitored and any changes detected by your GP. If you require a skin check, it is recommended you contact your local BetterMedical clinic to make a booking over the phone or online. Skin Checks require an extended appointment to allow for a comprehensive body check. If you would like to learn what to look for in your own moles when checking your skin, and how to avoid skin cancer, visit our skin checks page.

Laser Mole and Skin Tag Removal

If you are experiencing a mole or skin tag which you and your GP have decided to get removed, the modern medical technology of the laser removal means no scars or stitches. Discuss your laser removal options with your skin specialised GP.

Cosmetic Medicine Services

BetterMedical doctors can help improve the appearance of your skin if you or a family member is experiencing acne or skin issues. Today, there is a range of safe and successful treatment and management options and packages which can support the improvement of your skin. Services such as chemical peels, topical prescription peels, dermal fillers and injectables are just a few of BetterMedical skin treatment options which your trusted GP can help you understand what's right for your needs.

Varicose and Spider Veins

If you are experiencing varicose or spider veins which you are concerned about - many of our BetterMedical doctors can help you understand your removal options.