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Cosmetic procedures are becoming an increasingly popular with men and women who are seeking to enhance their appearance. If you or someone you know has been interested in receiving a cosmetic procedure, consulting with a medical professional, such as your trusted GP, can ensure you receive safe treatment and achieve your cosmetic goals.

These procedures can help minimise the affects of ageing and revive youthful appearance, by adding plumpness and limiting sagging.

Many BetterMedical clinics offer relaxant and filler options which can help enhance your facial appearance. The costs of these treatments vary from clinic to clinic so contact your local clinic and consult with your trusted GP of what's accessible for you.

Wrinkle Relaxants

Wrinkle relaxants can serve to reduce the appearance of ageing and wrinkles. Relaxants do this by blocking the nerve signals in the face, relaxing the muscles and the movement which cause wrinkle lines. Inhibiting these nerve signal can lets your face regain its youthful appearance, relaxants can minimise the appearance of deep wrinkle lines such as crow's feet and frown lines. These services provide temporary changes to the face for three to four months and can experience varying results from person to person.

Total Face Filler

If your face has been experiencing sagging and losing its plump look, total face filler can help firm your face. Total face filler promotes the product of natural collagen with dermal fillers through the face. These fillers serve to 'volumise' the appearance of your face, giving you stronger appearing cheekbones and jawline.

Semi-Permanent Filler

If you are unsure about fillers, semi-permanent fillers can allow you to experience the effects of fillers without the permanent commitment. Unlike permanent fillers, semi-permanent do not need to be surgically removed but simply are absorbed by the body over time. These fillers don't often cause much pain and minimal recovery time, so they are a fast and easy solution to your skin concerns. However, they last only up to 18 months. Semi-permanent filler are occasionally used exclusively for certain areas of the body, such as lips.

Permanent Filler

Permanent fillers are ideal for those looking for longterm effects and changes to your face and body. BetterMedicals recommends experimenting with semi-permanent fillers before committing to permanent to ensure they achieve the desired result. Discuss with your trusted GP to decide whether permanent filler could be suitable for your skin concerns.

Mini Face Lift With Threads

This type of face lift is less invasive than surgical face lifts by using precisely placed threads to lift the face and reduce sagging. This lift is suitable for areas like your jawline, your forehead or between you lip and lose. When these threads are inserted, they support the natural fibrous of your face so it can regain its youthful look. It can be performed in a couple of hours and requires minimal recovery time.

Relaxants and Fillers Near Me

Contact your local BetterMedical clinic to understand the options access to you and discuss with your GP the cosmetic procedures that could be right for you.