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BetterMedical believes that medical healthcare involves both caring for their patients in the case of sickness as well as practicing preventive medicine to help their patients avoid or manage the severity of illnesses and injuries.

Why see a Preventive Medicine Specialised GP?

Whilst all GPs subscribe to preventive medicine techniques, some BetterMedical doctors specialise in it.

Preventive medicine specialists may support and advise their patients in changing an unhealthy lifestyle habit that is jeopardising their health. This could range from diet and nutrition, smoking and drug use, alcohol intake and physical activity, which can help prevent or stall the onset of medical conditions like diabetes, obesity and diseases. Beyond lifestyle advice, preventive medicine could include completing preventive health tests and screenings regularly to monitor any changes in their patients. This includes regular physical check-ups, and tests for lifestyle concerns such as cholesterol levels, and diabetes.

Preventive Medicine Near Me

If you are interested in receiving preventive medical advice and support, contact your local BetterMedical to understand your options.