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Whilst you may not feel the need to see your trusted GP as often as annually, several medical tests are important for men to complete to ensure their long term health. Luckily, many are government subsidised!

Men’s full health check (45 – 49) Covered by Medicare

Medicare provides ‘free’ health checks for men aged 45-49 to minimise your risk of developing chronic diseases later in life. Contact your BetterMedical GP today to book in your full health check if relevant to your age.

Bowel cancer screening (Anyone 50-74) Covered by Medicare

If you actually see blood in your stool at any time, this could be an early indicator of bowel cancer and you should see your GP immediately. Currently, most Medicare card holders born before 31 December 1964 will receive a free at-home bowel screening kit in the mail or by calling 1800 118 868

Prostate cancer screening (Men 50+) Covered by Medicare

Screening for prostate cancer is done by the prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test. Medicare will cover you for one PSA test per year if you don’t have a history of cancer, or multiple PSA tests per year if you do.

Cholesterol test (Everyone 20+)

Everyone with Medicare Part B can get a free cholesterol screening every five years.

Eye test (Everyone)

Bad vision can affect anyone from young kids to pensioners. Medicare card holders are entitled to an eye exam every three years at the least.

Genetic screening (Everyone whose close family has a history of genetic disease)

Your family medical history can play a major role in your medical health. Many diseases are hereditary in nature, genetic screening allows your doctor to see if you are at risk for one of these conditions. Genetic testing will be covered by medicare if other tests point to you possibly having a genetic condition or if you are a first-degree relative of someone else with the condition.

Hearing test (Pensioners)

Since age is such a major factor in hearing loss, pensioners have access to a wide range of government-subsidised services from hearing tests to hearing aids to follow-up support through the Department of Health’s Hearing Services Program. Members of the Australian Defence Force and people receiving the Centrelink Sickness Allowance can also access these services.

Are You Over 40?

Different men’s health concerns require attention at various points throughout their lifetime. Unfortunately, many Australian men do not take the time required to take care of themselves by visiting the GP as often as they should.

It might be time you had a general check up. Between 45 and 64 years of age is prime time for your GP to determine patient risk factors and offer screening for health conditions. By regularly visiting your trusted GP, they can provide you with the medical advice to manage these health risks as well as possible early detection, treatment or lifestyle changes.

Multimorbidity, particularly physical–mental health comorbidity, is an important issue in mid-life years. Planned health checks in general practice of middle-aged adults have been demonstrated to improve the management of smoking, nutrition, alcohol and physical activity (SNAP) behavioural risk factors, screening for bowel cancer and hyperlipidaemia (high cholesterol).

Additional areas that may be addressed during a men’s health check include:

  • skin checks

  • mental health

  • diabetes risk assessment

  • erectile/sexual dysfunction and

  • prostate checks

Struggling with your mental health? “FREE” SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE.

Most ignored problems don’t go away on their own. Many men have found it a challenge to stay mentally and physically healthy during COVID-19. Our Doctors are here to help and talking to your GP is a great place to start.

It’s OK to ask for help or advice from your GP if you are feeling anxious, stressed, depressed or concerned about something. You can get 10 Medicare-subsidised private sessions with a range of mental health experts to help you through a rough patch.

Your doctor will help you decide on where you want to be and help work out a plan to get you there with a personalised mental health care plan. This may include access to private psychology or social work sessions in a discrete setting. Most ignored problems don’t go away on their own – reach out to our support network – we are here for you so let’s work on a plan together with practical guidance, qualified advice and treatment. Call your local BetterMedical Medical Centre today and ask to see a Doctor about a mental health care plan.