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Our doctors can provide you with the documentation to assure you gain appropriate sick leave, carer's leave or support for illnesses. Whether it’s less severe illnesses like the flu to more severe cases of chronic illness or mental illness, medical certificates can help you take medical time off for sickness and injury.

What is a medical certificate?

A medical certificate is the documentation issued by a doctor following their assessment of you and your condition, validating that you have been unfit to work due to illness. When health issues, illnesses or injuries get in the way, a medical certificate can help assure you receive the appropriate time to recover and return to normal.

It will include you and our doctor’s name and address and is addressed to your employer, or whoever requires the certificate. It must include the date you saw the doctor, the date the certificate was issued, and the date you should be able to return to work.

Does your medical certificate need to detail why you were absent?

To access a medical certificate, you do not need your doctor to disclose personal medical information and details to your employer. Some indication should be made to the severity of your condition. It can be helpful to make sure you communicate with your doctor what information you feel comfortable sharing with your employers and if you have any additional privacy concerns.

What does a medical certificate cost?

The cost of a medical practitioner issuing a certificate is covered by the cost of your regular appointment and is no additional cost to patients. However, there is no obligation for your doctor to issue a medical certificate during your consultation unless they believe it is relevant for your condition.

Medical Certificate Near Me

It is recommended that if you require a medical certificate, you visit the doctor via an in-clinic or Telehealth appointment as promptly as possible. However, you can access a medical certificate during or following your medical condition.

If you are no longer unwell, if the medical professional believes the facts you claim warrants absence from work, they use their discretion to issue a certificate.

To access the required documentation conveniently and efficiently, find a BetterMedical practice near you and book an appointment now.