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Scuba diving requires mental and physical fitness to be safely and healthily experienced. Diving can be dangerous if you have a pre-existing medical condition, and in some cases, even fatal. As a precaution, Queensland divers legally must pass the Diving Medical Examination, which can be performed by many of BetterMedical GPs.

Diving whilst you are medically unfit can lead to serious consequences, including experiences of disorientation, impaired judgment, impaired mobility, unconsciousness or decompression sickness whilst you are underwater.

There are two Diving Medical Examinations: Recreational and Commercial, which consider your medical fitness for diving for either specific purpose.

Recreational and Commercial Diving Medical Examinations

Both examinations take 45 minutes and have varying costs, depending on the test. They require hearing and eyesight tests, urine tests, lung function tests, taking blood pressure and height and weight, as well as the patient completing a medical questionnaire. Patients will also need to have a chest X-ray at an additional cost.

Diving Medical Examination Near Me

Diving Medicals can only to be performed by a Doctor who has had the approved training to medically examine recreational and occupational divers.

If you would like to make a booking for a Dive Medical Examination please call your trusted clinic to book your examination with one of our qualified doctors.