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Cosmetic Treatments by Experienced Doctors

If you are seeking cosmetic treatments to enhance or change you appearance, many BetterMedical doctors can offer you expert medical advice and treatment options with proven results.

If you are looking to receive a cosmetic treatment, contact your local clinic for a full list of available treatments and prices and have these procedures performed by a trusted doctor.

Injectables and Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

The quality and appearance of your skin are change through ageing and sun damage. If you have noticed a decrease in the plumpness, hydration and elastin of your skin, often identifiable by wrinkles and lines, cosmetic treatments can restore the youthful appearance of your skin.

A safe and effective option for you is anti-wrinkle injectables which can target wrinkles in the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. Another treatment option is dermal fillers which improves the appearance of your skin by increasing the volume and plumpness to various areas of the face. The results from dermal fillers are often immediate and require minimal recovery time.

Our doctors will develop a suitable treatment plan depending on each individual’s facial anatomy, muscle mass and the desired clinical outcome.

Facial Peels and Skin Treatment

Chemical peels are a popular skin treatment option for a range of skin conditions. These include the appearance of freckles, fine lines, wrinkles and mild scarring, as well as improving some types of acne by decreasing pore size and oiliness of the skin. The strength, depth and type of peel used will determine the level of skin peeling, the duration of recovery and the overall result.

Peel treatments are a great and recommended way to alter and enhance the appearance of your skin without requiring major recovery time.


You can consult with you trusted GP to determine the root cause of your acne and consult with the Skin Doctor to develop a highly effective treatment plan to support the appearance and pain of your skin.

At BetterMedical, we utilise the following techniques for active acne treatment and scarring management:

– Chemical Peels
– Topical prescription Creams
– Skin management packages specific to Acne

Skin Cancer

Queenslanders experience the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, so it is crucial our patients take steps to care for their skin. Regular skin checks with your GP as well as self-performed skin checks can help reduce your risks of harmful skin cancers. Sun damage can also cause wrinkles, pigmentation, age spots and changes in skin texture so caring for your skin against the sun can help its appearance.

As with most treatments, results will vary from patient to patient and some treatments may have side effects. Your treating Doctor will discuss these with you in detail when recommending any service.