Helping practices to be their best.

At BetterMedical, we know that the health of employees is essential for your business and their livelihoods.

Multiple BetterMedical medical centres can provide your business with comprehensive health services. These include pre-employment medical checks, injury management, rehabilitation and back to work assessments to assure the effective running of your business and the health of your staff.

Consultations and Employee Health Checks

By having a health clinic for your business, you can assure the health, happiness and productivity of your workforce. For our business and corporate clients, we can provide ongoing health consultations and health checks. Working together long-term, we can develop a health check criteria which reflects the requirements of your workplace for an efficient process.

For new prospective employees, we can organise the health check program and forward the results to the appropriate business department, to streamline your health check procedure. These checks can cover an array of health concerns as well as drug and alcohol tests, audiometry examinations and other specialised procedures.

Health and Wellness Education

For BetterMedical business clients, we can provide health and wellness education to your workforce. Equipping employees with the relevant health advice and knowledge, they are supported in navigating periods of stress to maintain their physical and mental health.

Through this education service, employees are prepared to deal with mental stress and physical stress, improving their personal lives and professional output. This support can increase employees' own resilience and your workplace’s productivity by minimising the need for time away from work or leave periods.

Corporate Fitness Programs

In providing businesses with health and medical consultation, BetterMedical advocates for workplace-sponsored exercise opportunities such as subsidized gym memberships or group exercise sessions. By supporting employees with the costs of their physical health, you can save on the overall costs of your employees and productivity.

By fostering a culture which values health and wellness, it can incentivise future employees and enrich your employees work experience and performance.

Injury Management and Rehabilitation Programs

In the event of injury, BetterMedical can provide emergency and clinical care for the affected employee, and determine the best procedure for rehabilitation.

From there, BetterMedical can develop a customised return to work program, relevant to your industry and employee requirements. This will include work with Allied Healthcare professionals to provide a holistic medical response to deal with the emotional and challenging journey of work injury.

Following such an incident, BetterMedical can perform a back-to-work assessment to confirm the employee is fit to safely and effectively complete their job following their injury management. The results of this assessment can be used to develop a return to work plan, which understands the abilities and medical needs of the employee to safely return to their former role.

Unique Corporate Health Requirements

Many businesses have unique requirements in their corporate health packages, or may be seeking a medical clinic to help them carry out checks for prospective staff. For these specialised clients, we offer diving medicals, aviation medicals and driving license medicals.