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We understand the management of chronic diseases can be a challenging experience, which requires the support of committed and skilled medical professionals. Multiple BetterMedical GPs are experienced and specialised in managing chronic disease (long term) health conditions.

These chronic health problems include but are not limited to high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, emphysema, arthritis, osteoporosis, long term back pain and many others.

Chronic Disease Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements

Chronic Disease Management Plans can support the management of chronic health concerns. This is a bulk billed health summary done by our GPs which overviews all of your health conditions and what the current management plan is. This can be a very useful document to have if you are likely to go into hospital or will be travelling.

If you would like to find out if you are eligible please discuss it with your GP.

You may also be eligible for a Team Care Arrangement after having a chronic disease management plan done. This is a bulk billed document that allows you access for up to 5 allied health visits such as podiatrist, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, occupational therapist, dietician or diabetes educator.

Both of these plans can be renewed every 12 months, including the 5 allied health visits.

Chronic Disease Management Plans or Team Care Arrangements require their own appointments and it is recommended other specific health concerns be covered in another appointment. If you are coming in for either of these please let the reception staff know.

Help Quitting Smoking

Smoking can cause many debilitating and fatal health issues. It is one of the leading causes of cancer, not just lung but many other types throughout the body. It can also result in developing emphysema and greatly increases the risk of major blood vessel disease such as heart attacks and strokes. It also increases the risk of minor blood vessel disease, which can result in problems such as impaired kidney function and erectile dysfunction.

If you are thinking about quitting smoking or have already made the decision but are struggling, consulting your trusted GP may provide you with the support and medical guidance you need. BetterMedical can provide advice on the best way to go about quitting and also provide a prescription if indicated for various treatments including nicotine patches and Champix.


Lung function testing is performed by our BetterMedical nurses and the results will be discussed between yourself and your GP.

If you wish to have this performed please notify the receptionist when booking – a longer appointment is required.


An electrocardiogram can detect abnormal heart rhythms as well as other heart problems including heart attacks and enlarged hearts. If requested by your doctor, they will be performed by one of our nurses who is able to perform ECGs. Make an appointment to discuss this health concern with your GP. If you have chest pain or think you might be having a heart attack you should call 000 directly without delay to seek urgent medical treatment.