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Many of BetterMedical general practitioners specialise in Women’s Health and can provide comprehensive sexual health and family planning advice for patients.

The Mirena is a popular birth control device that our BetterMedical GPs can determine whether it is right for their patients and insert.

What is the Mirena?

Lasting for up to five years, the Mirena is a T-shaped device inserted inside the uterus that releases a hormone called levonorgestrel. The Mirena’s insertion, removal and after care support is all performed by your trusted GP.

A Mirena insertion takes just a few minutes and is nonsurgical, with your comfort and support being the priority of our GPs. It can be removed and is completely reversible if you are no longer after this form of birth control.

It has become a preferred birth control method in recent years, as it provides effective birth control which does not rely on your remembering to use it or use it correctly.

How to find the right birth control method for you?

At BetterMedical, our group of highly skilled GP’s provide support and assistance in choosing the right contraception for you and your body.

Talk to one of our women’s health doctors about birth control with the Mirena today. Contact your BetterMedical doctor to discuss the options available to you.