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Many of BetterMedical general practitioners specialise in Women’s Health and can provide comprehensive sexual health and family planning advice for patients.

Implanon is a popular birth control device that BetterMedical doctors can consult with patients about, including insertion, removal and after care support.

What is Implanon?

Lasting for up to three years, Implanon is a small plastic rod of 4cm placed under the skin of the upper arm. It contains a progestogen hormone that slowly releases into the bloodstream. An Implanon can be removed and is completely reversible.

Implanon provides effective birth control which does not rely on your remembering to use it or use it correctly.

How is Implanon used?

If you and your GP have determined Implanon as the right contraception for you, you can book an insertion appointment, whereby your GP will insert the implant in your upper arm under local anaesthetic.

Following this appointment, your GP will support your after-care process and ensure the implant is working.

If you no longer require birth control or would like to have the Implanon removed, your GP will administer this service.

How to find the right birth control method for you?

At BetterMedical, our group of highly skilled GPs can provide support and assistance in choosing the right contraception for you, your needs and your body.

Talk to one of our women’s health doctors about birth control and Implanon today. Contact your BetterMedical doctor to discuss the options available to you.